Guest MiniSeries Event!
A gentleman by the name of Sir Crono offered to do a whole series of guest strips, and I just couldn't say no to that. There will be strips periodically added to this page until the conclusion of the series. So here I present to you the first chapters of Kung Fu: Legend of Kwai Chang Thomas, by Sir Crono. Drop him a line at and let him know what you think.

1: The Adventure Begins

2: Ready?

3: Damn those Blue Dudes...

4: Hair Colors and Complete Idiots

5: At Least He Gets Style Points!

6: Ancient Traditional Weaponry

7: Someone Pass Him a Band-Aid

8: Pansy Hyrulian

9: What Am I Doing This For, Again?

10: Must Have a Crick in His Neck...

11: Thomas vs. The Midget Part 1