Guest Strips

Welcome to the new guest strips page. Here I've got the guest strips and both submission contest results. My inbox got deleted not too long ago, and I'm almost 100% sure that a guest strip from a while ago was lost with it. If you made a strip and sent it to me and it's not here, then there's the explanation. I'd be happy to put it right up if you feel so inclined to send it. You should probably title the comics, or I'll just make one up for it, and you may not like my title.

Here's the latest Guest Strips, I guess this list will grow steadily:

More strips from P. Grella
Marketing Genius by Yutz
Damn Mets, also parts 2 and 3 by Taterchimp
The Value of Entertainment by Yutz
I Think I'd Say the Same Thing... by Toru Fox
To Build a Better Thwomp by Alex Scott
Mind Expanding Drugs... by Alex Scott
Zombie Night! by Yutz
It's in French, and has something to do with loins. Fastastic! by Audrey H
Learning the Hard Way by DooMed
The Eternal Question by FrostDemn
Philosophy by Xerxes
The Real King of Kings by Johnny Z
Gotta Fight! by Hank Peterson
Wrath of the Pointer, Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 by FrostDemn
Muzzy Roberto's strips
Kung Fu: Legend of Kwai Chang Thomas by Sir Crono
Back in the Day... by CaspianX
It's all About Perspective by Yutz
Final Fantasy + Starwars = This by Tommy Moo
Breakthroughs in Prosthetics by Zaphire
Game Over by Duncan Cross
Where No Video Game Character Has Gone Before... by Yutz
Washed Up by Incin
Guest strip by Wraith
Damn Fence by The Mighty Giant Fighting Robot Pilot, Aerofox
What Kind of Party is This? by Screwball McGoo

Games that Never Made It!! My most recent contest.

Here's the winning submission, by Mike Mariano, the proud new owner of 2000 points.

Take a look at these other Games that Never Made It, too. They each got 1000 points:
Double Dragon Warrior by Rhoads
(title omitted, the mere notion hurts my head too much) by Yutz
Temptation Island 3 by SpoonyBard
Smash CD by RanJuan
You're A Daddy, Mario! by PsyGuy
Metal Gear Harvest by Jon
MegaMario by Golbez

Before and during the second contest, I got a chunk of guest material:

Guest Strip by Duncan Cross
Guest Strip by e
Guest Strip by Mike Mariano
Guest Strip by Ryan Shew
Sweeps Week by Yutz
On the Lookout by Bunker Man
Guest strip by CaspianX

And here are the results from the first submission contest. The winners were chosen by myself, the web guy, and a few friends.

First, the top 3:

The Man Train by Balken
Harder! by RanJuan
Mario Finally Cracks by Rhoads

And the other finalists:

You Know What Kind of Pirates by A.C.
No One Knows, Really by Alex Atchley
New and Improved by FlamingMoose
Kung-Fu and Nakedness by FrostDemn
Evolution Rocks by Kenny K.
Not Again by Macc Maverick
A Rewarding Experience by SimonBob
Samus Speaks Out by Syrian

I got some pieces of guest material even before the first contest. These are the classics!

A Bootleg OS, AYBMario, and Another Bootleg OS, all by the irrepressible Duncan Cross
AYBZelda by Mike Mariano
Guest Strip by Neo-Reaper
Scottmock 1 by John Zarrillo

Send me art! Snapshots, hand drawn, whatever. Victoly!!!