[Guest Strips] [Bonus Points]
Welcome to the results of the latest guest strip contest! This page is temporary - the strips will soon be integrated into my regular guest page. Oh, and none of these were titled, so the titles are my own. I apologize to the creators if my titles suck.

The winners were chosen by myself, the web guy, and a few friends.

First, the top 3:

The Man Train by Balken
Harder! by RanJuan
Mario Finally Cracks by Rhoads

And the other finalists:

You Know What Kind of Pirates by A.C.
No One Knows, Really by Alex Atchley
New and Improved by FlamingMoose
Kung-Fu and Nakedness by FrostDemn
Evolution Rocks by Kenny K.
Not Again by Macc Maverick
A Rewarding Experience by SimonBob
Samus Speaks Out by Syrian

And here's one that I just recieved. It's too late for the contest, but I'm putting it here anyway.

The Wily Doctor by Ryan Shew