[Guest Strips] [Bonus Points]
Surely, if you've come here, then you're gazing angrily at the monitor, no doubt saying something to the order of "This isn't much of a bonus at all, it's a heap of boring text!!"

Well calm down and don't throw that bowl of cereal, because this is just the kind of place where you'll read about the coming bonus section. It's pretty bizarre, but I do intend on doing some extra stuff. So here are the coming attractions, listed in order of most-likely-to-do-it to might-take-a-while. As I put up stuff here, I'll link the names of the sections.

1. Bonus Points: This is where I tally the bonus points from the various things on my page, look and see who has the high score!

2. Desktop Screens: I was making 8-bit shots for my desktop well before I made my first comic. Now you can grace your monitor with NES images downloaded straight from my page. They're a great bargain, too!

3. Rants: If I concoct something interesting to say about gaming, and I just might, you can read it right here and be delighted with my wit and wisdom.

4. Emulator Stuff: I would not be able to stay as old school as I currently am if not for the magic of emulators. This is a comic webpage, not a shareware webpage, and I dunno if Disflux would be particularly happy to see their unlimited space used in such a manner, so I'll just throw up links to elsewhere. Either way, here you can pick up an NES and get into the swing of things.

5. Guest Strips: I have guest strips! You can look at them!

6. Trivia: Questions are asked weekly. In fact, this week's question is on the home page. Go, young one. Exercise your mind!

7. The Megaman Dance: Oh, just you wait for this one!

And anything else I think of later...