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Want to know what the questions were? Want the answers to last week's question? Here you go. Everyone's scores are on the points page.

Week 1: Where's that snowplow from? 500 points
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game. Scene 4, where there's snow.

Week 2: What's a strider's sword called? 500 points
Striders use swords called ciphers. Apparently, Hiryu's is called Falchion.

Week 3: How did I get the sprite of Megaman looking up? 500 points
In Megaman 4, the wire adaptor requires you to look up before you fire.

Week 4: Where did I get the background of the interior of Chubby's secret fortress from? 1000 points
It is from the first boss battle in Shatterhand.

Week 5: What is the name of the newspaper that announces Dr. Wily's incarceration? 500 points
The newspaper is the Capcom Times.

Week 6: What is Chief Coralcola's middle name? 1000 points

Week 7: Where is the background from in panel two? 500 points
Kirby's Adventure.

Week 8: Where did I get the background from in Panel 5 of This Red's For You? 1000 points
Rush N' Attack.

Week 9: What game is The General from? 500 points

Week 10: A man wearing brown reccommends you buy garlic for what reason? Quote him(He's very articulate)! 500 points.
"Buy some garlic. It has special powers."

Week 11: The money Mario holds in Payday is an image taken from what game? 1000 points
Snow Brothers! (Nick and Tom rock the house!)

Week 12: The meat in this week's strip is a sprite taken from what game? 500 points
Mighty Final Fight

Weeks 13 and 14: Guest strip contest! The best three got 2000 points, the other finalists got 1000. Go to the results page to take a look.

Week 15: What NES heroes use yo-yos as weapons? 1000 points
Noid - Yo! Noid
Mike - Star Tropics
Ness - Earthbound Zero (aka Mother I)
Mikey - Goonies II
There are likely more... but no one got more than four correct answers.

Week 16: What game is the Giant Beer from? 500 points
Wizards & Warriors II: Ironsword

Week 17: Who says the following line? "What's happening? My evil power is gone!" 500 points
Slick, at the end of River City Ransom

Week 18: Where did I get the sprite to make this crazy beer machine? 1000 points
Strider, upstairs in Kazakh.

Week 19: What game was I playing when I snapped this screenshot? Purdy, ain't it?
Jaws. (And apparently, more people have beaten Jaws than I thought!)

Trivia 20: Who the hell is this guy? 1000 points
Theo, from Die Hard

Trivia 21: The image on this TV comes from what game? 500 points

Trivia 22: Who's the guy on TV? 500 points
He's the reporter at the end of Goonies 2.

Trivia 23: Who says the following line: "Great quivering enigmas with a side of tartare sauce! There's an exit here!"? 1000 points.
Nightshade, from the game of the same name.

Trivia 24: What game's events are actually a flashback from August of 2010? 500 points.
Bionic Commando is actually a story told by Super Joe in 2010. So few people got this that I upped the value to 1000 points.

Trivia 25: Game Parody contest! Check out mine, "Righteous Chaps," and send in one or two screenshots from your own 'Game the Never Made It.' I've already seen every damn SMB hack ROM in the world, so don't bother with them. Don't bother with ROM hacks at all, actually. I will be mad.
Go to the guest page to see the contest results.

Trivia 26: In what NES games does the protagionist fight with a boomerang? There's tons! Name seven games, and you'll win 1000 points.
There's tons! Especially because I also included boomerang-like things (windmill star, cross boomerang, etc.). I'll start the list: Adventure Island III, Ninja Gaiden 1-3, Legend of Zelda, Goonies II, Castlevania 1 and 3, Final Fantasy 3j, Batman, Megaman 1-4, Power Blade I and II, Joe and Mac, Dragon Warrior IV, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I, Kirby's Adventure, Dino-Riki, Shatterhand(sure, if you count the boomerang robots), Earthbound Zero, Mission Impossible, and Karnov. Probably also Puss n' Boots, Frankenstien, 8 Eyes, Little Ninja Brothers, and Ikari Warriors II, but I didn't get to check those.

Trivia 27: Where's the guy in the suit from? 1000 points.
Mission Impossible. This question has the record for most incorrect answers given - he must look a lot like someone from Golgo 13.

Trivia 28: The dragon sits atop a tower and castle ripped from what game? 1000 points.
Legacy of the Wizard

Trivia 29: This week's is almost a riddle: What's 226 tons, 22 feet tall, and can move 31 MPH? And yeah, it's from an NES game. 500 points.
Metal Gear. The stats are from the intro of Snake's Revenge.

Trivia 30: Ginny McMillan, from Muzzy's Project: Ween guest strips, is a sprite from what game? 1000 points.
The Lost Word of Jenny

Trivia 31: These trippy critters are from what games? 1000 points.
The fish-man is from Karnov, and the purple toothy thing is from Ironsword. After much deliberation, I decided to give 500 points per correct answer.

Trivia 32: The castle in the background of the latest installment of Project: Ween is from what game? 500 points.
Captain Comic

Trivia 33: This embattled character in the black vest is from what game? 500 points.
Back to the Future 1. This set a new record for the most number of people to get the right answer. This record was previously held by Week 7's trivia.

Trivia 34: "Death to the Philistine!" The preceding quote is from what game? 1000 points.
It's from Shadowgate. Apparently it may also be in Bible Adventures, I saved those answers and I'll give out points once I can find the rom and verify. Update: That game is entirely unplayable! I doubt I'll ever verify. That's how terrible it is. Update update: Muzzy Roberto undertook the arduous task of playing this terrible game and assures me that the quote is not there.

Trivia 35: What does the mayer know? 1000 points.
If you've watched the intro to Yo! Noid, then you know that the mayer knows that only the Noid has the power to stop them(the wild creatures assailing New York City, that is).

Trivia 36: The quote, "Yah man, let's boogie!" is from what game? 1000 points.

Trivia 37: The sprite of 'Jesus' in Johnny Z's guest strip is from what game? 1000 points.
Super Spike V'Ball.

Trivia 38: Panel 3 (minus the text) in this comic is created from an amalgam of what 2 games? 1000 points.
The door is from Deja Vu, the Walls are from Shadowgate.

Trivia 39: "It,s 2 A.M. and time for the monsters to awaken." is a quote from what game? 500 points.

Trivia 40: The neighbor's living room is a background taken from what game? 500 points.

Trivia 41: Where's that graveyard from? 1000 points.
That graveyard is from the ending of Startropics.

Trivia 42: What NES game does this quote come from? "The head of intelligence is in serious trouble. We need your help." 1000 points.
That line is from the opening of Contra Force.

Trivia 43: What NES game does that new character in the last panel hail from? 500 points.

Trivia 44: From where did I get this party hat? 1000 points.
It's from the intro of Fester's Quest. No one got this one.

Trivia 45: What game is this ghostly sprite from? 1000 points.
Goonies 1

Bonus: What should I do with my powerpad? 2000 points for the answer I liked the most:
-Don it as a cape, and fight crime in a 128-Bit world as NESMASTER! You can use your power glove to fire deadly bolts of 8-bit justice! -Muzzy
Another Bonus: Send me a guest strip!
See the results.

Unless I say otherwise, if you answer a question more than a week after I post it, then tough noogies because it's too late.