December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, folks. Bet you thought I'd let 2006 slip away without an update, eh? I switched computers in the interim, and lost all my fonts. In the middle of my run I was pretty meticulous about individual characters' fonts, so this strip just looks really, really wrong to me. Oh well. GOAT IN!

November 3, 2005

This was an idea that I've had sitting around for years, but never made because I couldn't think of a decent way to execute it. In the end I never thought of one, but here you go. Seems too crowded, but there's not enough variation to make it 8 panels. No matter! Mike Haggar is my hero. I don't know how he balances being a vigilante, mayor, and pro-wrestler, but he's earned my respect no matter how he does it. Do a barrel roll!

July 24, 2005

Here's a comic. I know normally I stay away from topical humor, but I wanted to get back into the swing of things with an easy-to-do 'talking heads' strip without any time-consuming visuals. Continuity-wise, although this strip is an exception the birthday party storyline is still underway, although I plan to wrap it up in one strip now, which is far fewer than I originally intended. Who cares though, that was like 2 years ago! Two friggin' years! Can you believe it? What the hell is wrong with me? JEEZ! Well anyway, more updates coming soon I hope, but dont bank on it cause my words are as empty as my soul.

September 30, 2004

Well, I've started the next one. With any luck, I'll finish it.

June 14, 2004

Hey! Remember Project: Ween? Oh. Well, here's the latest episode, courtesy of Muzzy Roberto, the MC over at the Amy Rose Show. When will I update? I unno, a couple weeks, maybe? And that's not gonna be a pretty sight!!

May 5, 2004

Here's a guest strip from Yutz, I'm still not done with my next comic. You should check out Yutz'z page, he runs a damn good comic called Reuben Dante: Time Vagrant. Nice variety of 16-bit sprites from various games over there, with a time-travelin' storyline that's pretty interesting. All sons of old gods, die!!

April 1, 2004

I'm gonna be seeing the Minibosses in NYC this Saturday... any other fans going? If you're looking for me I'm the geeky white 20 year old kid with shaggy brown hair and a beard.

Well, regardless of whether it's worth a 3-month wait, here's my latest comic. Guess it's kind of funny to update on April Fools'. Panel 7 just kind of slipped in there - I can't help myself when it comes to gay jokes. On the other hand, I did resist the temptation to do a joke involving the words "butt pirate." I am saddened... For the first time, no one got the trivia. Never before has it been made so apparent that my laziness has caused everyone to leave the site. My thanks to those still around. It takes a while, but I do enjoy doing this... Webcomics: a manly art with manly grace for manly-menlike men!

December 26, 2003

(I wrote this news post when I updated, and only just now remembered that keenspace reloads from the indextemplate file. Maybe this time it'll stay here. )

Merry Christmas, folks. This series is not over, I just don't want to be writing "to be continued" on them anymore. I am Gonzalez! I am strong!

September 9, 2003

I updated the points page and the guest page to... you know, see what it felt like to you know, actually do something. I guess it feels alright, so maybe I'll finish up that damn comic I started. Number 2 in the new storyline. Are you ready? It's cool! Let's enjoy a great show time!

April 19, 2003

And here we are. A short series starts right now. New guest strips from Yutz, P. Grella, and Taterchimp. Also, Muzzy Roberto's world-renowned Project: Ween continues. Come on, y'all! Commence the jigglin'!

March 26, 2003

Just to dispel any of the rumors that might be floating around... OldSkooled is not dead, nor on hiatus, nor in league with communism. I am currently updating on the same schedule that I always have: comics go up precisely after they're finished, and to this day I haven't missed a single update.

February 1, 2003

New comic. Sorry about the rest of December. And uh, all of January. Half the time I'm too busy and the other half I'm too lazy. But enough about me - I've gotten a few new guest strips over this long interval, so check out the latest Project: Ween, as well as this submission from our good pal Yutz and one from Taterchimp. Now, back to me again. I think that I've produced the most text-filled panel ever. I know that may distress some of you who don't consider yourselves big fans of reading (or are illiterate), but in my defense once I got started about midgets I couldn't stop myself. (Would an illiterate person still like the comics? Might they still get them? I don't know French and I get this one. God, I love that comic.) I realized that I genuinely enjoy reading the commentary to any comic strips that I take interest in. Perhaps someday I'll do some commentaries to the strips in my archives. Does that sound interesting to any slight degree, at all? I admit it seems a bit narcissistic, to think that people would be interested in my product and process... Oh well. Commander, beware the elevator.

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